Oceania with the trusted group of her suppliers is dedicated in offering to your yacht a bespoke provisioning service. From the freshest vegetables and fruits gathered from the blessed Greek nature to the exotic and rarest ones from all over the world, from the exquisite quality of fresh meat supplied by local farms to an excellent selection of best sellers such as black angus, wagyu and others, from the huge variety of Greek fish that have just been caught to all the popular and exotic fish used in the most prestigious cuisines, from the locally produced wines and beverages gathered from all over Greece giving you a taste of the traditions and cultures of each place to an endless list of international wines and beverages, we may source for you in no time even the most rare and fantastic herbs, spices, cold cuts, cheese or any other delicatessen and gourmet provisions your chef needs.

All of our provisions and supplies are handpicked from our team of professionals each one specialized in their field, packed based on the requirements of your chef, stored and delivered to you wherever you are in Greece under ISO 22000 directives(a standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety, a general derivative of ISO 9000) with freezer trucks guaranteeing that way the freshness and the right storage of everything until they are brought to you, if you require your chef to be present and pick everything him/herself we may arrange for one of our employees to come, pick up and escort him/her to the most prestigious and popular suppliers – in short there is little we are unable to supply and do for you.